The Bend Podcast with Joe Axne – August 3, 2022

Join Debbie Boone as she speaks with Joe Axne, CEO of I.T. Guru

His goal is to educate his clients on the right way to set up and maintain their IT Infrastructure for their Veterinary Practices.


UVP 178 You Saved What Information Where? Information Security In Your Practice

This week on the podcast, Stephanie is joined by Joe Axne of IT Guru to talk about some of the wacky things that clinics do when it comes to information security and technology. Information technology (IT) can be an area where veterinary medicine struggles to keep up to date – it’s one of those areas where you don’t know what you don’t know. We talk through some of the things that practices should consider in terms of protecting themselves from the outside in as well as the top practices for educating themselves and their teams about information security. Let’s get into this…


EP.35 Technology to Improve Practice Efficiency  –

#IVETSOHRD with Dr. Caitlin DeWilde & Dr. Stacee Santi.i

In This Episode:

Dr. Stacee and Dr. Caitlin chat with Joe Axne, Owner of IT Guru, about ways you can use technology to improve your practice’s efficiency.

Listen in to get some great tips you can implement in your practice today!

Don’t forget to download the PDF to get a summary of the 5 key takeaways from this episode!

More About Joe Axne, Owner IT Guru:

Joe has more than 20 years of IT systems and services support experience. He started as a desktop technician in the early 90’s and was promoted continuously throughout his career to a Sr. Systems Administrator and Team Lead for American Medical Response (AMR).

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