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The Services I.T. Guru Offers

When you partner with I.T. Guru, you get comprehensive IT support and strategy capabilities that deliver three important benefits: security, stability and sustainability. Click on a heading below to learn more about the impact these services can have on your veterinary practice.



We’ll help you sleep better at night by deploying multiple layers of protection to prevent any potential security threats to your systems and data


We’ll help you avoid stressful and costly IT surprises by building and maintaining a stable infrastructure that optimizes your practice’s ability to function


We’ll help you meet whatever the future holds with confidence—and with IT solutions, such as cloud migration, that evolve along with your practice

I.T. Guru Serves the Veterinary Industry and Animal Care Providers

Here at I.T. Guru, we help all types of veterinary practices from small, general practice veterinary clinics to large multi-specialty and emergency hospitals. Additionally, we can help pet care and other animal health organizations with their IT solutions including animal shelters, boarding facilities, and groomers.

From practice management functions like medical records, billing and payroll, to leading-edge clinical capabilities such as telehealth, to integrating all your various systems into a cohesive whole, IT is the backbone of your business’s viability.

Primary Care Clinics

Specialty & Referral Practices

Emergency Hospitals

Pet Care & Animal Services

Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly does I.T. Guru do?

I.T. Guru provides a robust array of information technology services exclusively for veterinary practices and animal care providers, including:

  • Computer and networking services
  • IT infrastructure solutions (building, remodeling, upgrading)
  • Helpdesk support
  • IT security monitoring (threat prevention, detection and response)
  • Business continuity services (backup and disaster recovery)
  • Cloud-based services (migration, data storage and more)
  • Selection and integration of technology (apps, PACS, intranet)
  • IT strategy (crafting an IT roadmap to help you achieve your business objectives)

From practice management functions like medical records, billing and payroll, to leading-edge clinical capabilities such as telehealth, to integrating all your various systems into a cohesive whole, IT is the backbone of your business’s viability. We want to make sure your network is set up to be secure, stable, and sustainable.

Why does my practice need both Tech Support and IT Strategy?

The right IT support vendor delivers a great deal more than just tech support for a quick fix. They provide expert IT strategy, helping to chart a course to meet a practice’s unique business needs as they evolve over time.


What type of security does I.T. Guru provide?

There are an estimated 350,000 security issues that occur daily in cyberspace, from ransomware to data breaches to denial-of-service attacks. And the numbers are growing all the time, along with their sophistication. We not only deploy multiple layers of protection to identify and neutralize current cyber threats, but we continuously monitor the security landscape to head off emerging threats. As a result, you can conduct your business without disruption—and without losing sleep.
Some of the essential solutions we provide include:

  • Business-class Firewall
  • Anti-virus/Anti-malware
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Backups
  • Software Patching
  • Web Umbrella Protection

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How reliable will my I.T. Guru network be on a short term and long term basis?

To ensure optimal IT uptime, it takes more than a reactive “if it’s broken come out and fix it” mentality. It takes a well-thought-out, consistent and proactive focus to optimize your systems’ overall stability, reliability, performance, accessibility and usability. When you partner with I.T. Guru, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

As your guide to the veterinary IT world, we bring big picture thinking to address your needs. We do this by providing a wealth of services, including:

  • Map and Monitor your Network
  • Systems Integration
  • IT Change Management
  • Business Continuity

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How does I.T. Guru create a network that will last for many years?

With our in-depth knowledge of veterinary IT, we can guide you to make smart decisions about the hardware, software, information storage, networking, maintenance and security you need for today, and help extend your IT infrastructure’s useful life for as long as possible. Equally important, because we constantly scan the technology horizon, we can help you transition to newer IT when it makes economic and operational sense to do so.

Our approach to ensuring the sustainability of your IT infrastructure to help your practice grow and thrive includes:

  • IT Strategy
  • IT Roadmap
  • Technology Lifecycle Planning
  • Cloud Computing

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How much does I.T. Guru charge?

Every business’ IT needs are unique. All of our work is customized and designed to provide the most service for the lowest possible price. Our clients repeatedly tell us that partnering with I.T. Guru is like having a full-time IT department but without the overhead.

Call 888-957-6551 or email us to schedule a complimentary 20-minute consultation so we can learn more about your needs. We’ll answer any questions, explain how our services can solve your problems, how much it will cost, and how much peace of mind you will experience.

Once we decide to work together, how do we get started?

Our first order of business is to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your current IT infrastructure. This may include an onsite visit to your practice to get the most complete picture possible. We’ll also spend time talking to you and key stakeholders about the challenges, opportunities and overarching goals you have for your IT systems and your practice. This way, we can determine if your IT infrastructure is not only technologically sound but also aligned with your short- and longer-term business objectives.

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About I.T. Guru

How is I.T. Guru different than other IT companies?

I.T. Guru is one of the nation’s most respected and trusted IT service providers in the veterinary industry. In fact, it’s the only industry we serve. We are well-versed in all things veterinary – practice management software, phone systems, computer networks and more so we can make the very best recommendations for integration and streamlining of your network. With the bench strength to serve practices of all sizes in all 50 states, I.T. Guru provides both remote and onsite services to keep veterinary IT systems safe, secure and ready for the future.

Additionally, I.T. Guru has established comprehensive IT Standards of Care for veterinary clinics and hospitals. These best-practice guidelines ensure that our clients have stable and secure computers and networks and that they’re aligned with evolving technology. These guidelines also give you clear performance benchmarks and hold us accountable for meeting them.

At our core, we’re humble, so please don’t just take our word for it… read what our clients have said about working with us.

And we are also very proud of the many industry awards we have won.

How can I.T. Guru service a veterinary practice or animal health organization onsite if they are not a local provider?

We have a robust network of IT professionals across the country so if an onsite visit is needed, and the issue cannot be resolved virtually, we will tap into one of our local resources and send our professional representative to your business.

Who is the founder and owner of I.T. Guru?

A systems administrator with over 20 years of IT experience, Joseph Axne keenly understands just how mission-critical stable and secure IT systems are in the healthcare field. Prior to founding I.T. Guru, he headed technology infrastructure for the nationwide 9-1-1 dispatch system of American Medical Response, a medical transport company. Lives literally depended on his team’s ability to ensure 24/7 system uptime.

An entrepreneur at heart, Joe leveraged his experience to launch I.T. Guru in 2007 to address the challenges of small- and mid-sized businesses needing technology support and guidance to help them compete and grow.

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