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Security: Protect Your IT Investment

There are an estimated 350,000 security issues that occur daily in cyberspace, from ransomware to data breaches to denial-of-service attacks. And the numbers are growing all the time, along with their sophistication. Do you have the right IT security in place to protect your practice against these kinds of malicious threats? 

When you partner with I.T. Guru, you will.


Our Security Services

We not only deploy multiple layers of protection to identify and neutralize current cyber threats, but we continuously monitor the security landscape to head off emerging threats. As a result, you can conduct your business without disruption—and without losing sleep.

Some of the essential solutions we implement to ensure that your computers, networks and data are protected include:


Business-class Firewall

These devices control all the traffic in and out of your network. The next-generation business-class firewalls can detect and block more complicated attacks and intrusions than consumer-grade products.



The same type of anti-virus and anti-malware protection is deployed across all your workstations so it can be centrally managed. These solutions are only as good as their updates, so we recommend programs that update hourly.  Next Gen AV a MUST in 2022 Read more about it here https://itguru.vet/nextgensecurity/



Ransomware Protection

Ransomware infects and encrypts all the important data that resides on local workstations and your server, causing a huge data loss and extended downtime. The perpetrators demand a ransom to get your data back, but they usually just take your money and run. The key to recovery from these attacks is good backup so you can ignore ransom demands. But it’s even better to prevent these attacks in the first place, which we help ensure with the protocols and procedures we put in place, including a layered approach to security.



Downtime hurts your business. Backups are critical in order to recover from an attack like ransomware, should a threat make it through your multiple protection layers. We recommend cloud (online)-based backup for affordability and faster and less labor-intensive recovery versus tape- or disk-based backups. To learn more about why backups are so important, please read our white paper, “Business Continuity Planning: A must-have, not a luxury”


Software Patching

Fixing software security vulnerabilities (“bugs”) is called patching, and it must occur on a consistent, timely basis. Microsoft periodically releases security and stability-related updates for its Windows platform, as do third-party programs that use the internet such as Java, Adobe (Flash, Acrobat, Reader), Chrome, Firefox, Silverlight, Picasa, Winzip and GoToMeeting. To keep your IT environment secure, we deploy these patches as soon as they are issued.

web umbrella

Web Umbrella Protection

This is essential, especially for laptops, since they leave your network and are at risk of nasty threats hiding in ads on major websites like Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc. Web umbrella solutions not only provide anti-virus and anti-malware protection but also web filtering, so if an infection does occur, it can’t “call home” to cause any further damage to your IT environment.

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