Information Technology Services For Your Veterinary Practice

It’s easy to feel lost in the world of veterinary information technology. Trust I.T. Guru to be your guide.

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What, exactly, does I.T. Guru do?

I.T. Guru provides a robust array of information technology services exclusively for veterinary practices, including:

Computer and networking services

IT infrastructure solutions (building, remodeling, upgrading)

Helpdesk support

IT security monitoring (threat prevention, detection and response)

Business continuity services (backup and disaster recovery)

Cloud-based services (migration, data storage and more)

Selection and integration of technology (apps, PACS, intranet)

IT strategy (crafting an IT roadmap to help you achieve your business objectives)

With these services, you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your practice’s IT systems are safe and secure today, and that you’re well-positioned to navigate whatever technology shifts the future may hold—or demand.


Do I Really Need Both Tech Support and IT Strategy?

Forward-thinking veterinary practice owners know that IT support is more than calling the “tech guy” for a quick fix when something goes wrong with their computers, networks, or servers.

Instead, they realize that working with the right IT strategic partner is a business imperative for their practice’s ongoing operational and financial health. Because not only can IT support protect them from service disruptions and security breaches today, but also guide them to make the wisest technology decisions to address the emerging trends and challenges of tomorrow.

Bottom line, the right IT strategic partner delivers a great deal more than tech support. They provide expert IT strategy, helping you chart a course to meet your practice’s unique business needs as they evolve over time.

And that’s what I.T. Guru delivers.

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Why Are IT Services Essential for My Veterinary Practice?

A successful veterinary practice simply can’t operate without information technology (IT) today. From practice management functions like medical records, billing and payroll, to leading-edge clinical capabilities such as telehealth, to integrating all your various systems into a cohesive whole, IT is the backbone of your practice’s viability.

But the technology waters can be tough to navigate by yourself. You need to avoid hazards like data breaches, computer crashes, and server failures. And because IT is always evolving, you must be positioned to adopt new functionality when it makes operational and financial sense. You can’t afford to make a wrong turn when it comes to investing your hard-earned capital in new technology or upgrades.

Fortunately, I.T. Guru can show you the way.

How Do I Know I.T. Guru is Right for My Veterinary Practice?

Optimizing technology exclusively for veterinary practices is our wheelhouse. We understand your business, the challenges you face and the IT solutions that’ll help you address them. Add I.T. Guru to your team and you have an industry-leading strategic business partner who’ll safeguard your current IT systems and position your practice to navigate what’s on the horizon.

From fast-track troubleshooting to integrating systems across multiple practices to migrating your systems to the cloud, I.T. Guru will guide you to higher levels of client service, greater productivity, and enhanced financial and operating performance—delivering a strong return on investment and exceptional peace of mind.

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