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Optimize Your Uptime

A reliable IT environment empowers you to give the best-possible care to your patients, deliver superior customer service to your clients, and provide an efficient work environment for your employees.

But to ensure optimal IT uptime, it takes more than a reactive “if it’s broken come out and fix it” mentality. It takes a well-thought-out, consistent and proactive focus to optimize your systems’ overall performance, accessibility and usability. When you partner with I.T. Guru, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

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Stability Services

As your guide to the veterinary IT world, we bring big picture thinking to address your IT needs. Rather than simply applying a band-aid should a problem crop up, we take a more holistic, preventive medicine approach, constantly making sure that your systems are operating at their best. We do this by providing these services:

global network

Map and Monitor Your Network

Using network mapping solutions to visually outline your network and every device that’s connected to it, we can continuously monitor how these devices are performing, identify where issues are coming from, diagnose the problem, and address it quickly and efficiently—avoiding potential downtime.


Systems Integration

By linking multiple software, databases and applications into a single coordinated system, all your practice’s IT systems can “talk” to one another, whether you have one clinic/hospital or dozens. This speeds information flow, boosts productivity, reduces errors from manual rekeying across systems, and lowers data storage costs. System integration not only connects your practice’s internal systems, but also those of third parties you work with, or if you acquire or are acquired by another practice.


The IT Change-Management Process

When you partner with I.T. Guru, we’ll work with you to set up a process to request, prioritize, authorize, approve, schedule and implement changes to your IT infrastructure. Whether changes are simple or complex, having a formalized process in place helps you control risk and minimize service disruptions.


Business Continuity Planning

This is the creation of a blueprint that helps your practice respond to and recover from a crisis that interrupts your business operations—from a natural disaster to a pandemic to a cybercrime attack. We’ll help guide you through the elements of such a plan, including the mission-critical IT aspects. Learn more in our white paper, “Business Continuity Planning: A must-have, not a luxury”

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