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Sustainability: Be Ready For the Future

Acquiring the right information technology for you to carry out your work today while identifying and transitioning to the IT resources you may need in the future is one of the biggest challenges facing veterinary practices today.

Making the wrong choices and your practice can take a real financial and operational hit—you don’t want to invest in a slew of hardware that’ll be obsolete in 2 years, for example. There’s also a significant environmental impact involved. So, it’s critical to your bottom line—and the planet—to think systematically about the sustainability of your IT investments.

When you partner with I.T. Guru, you’ll have an entire team to help you do just that.

cloud computing

Our Sustainability Services

With our in-depth knowledge of veterinary IT, we can guide you to make smart decisions about the hardware, software, information storage, networking, maintenance and security your practice needs today, and help extend your IT infrastructure’s useful life for as long as possible.

Equally important, because we constantly scan the technology horizon, we can help you transition to newer IT when it makes economic and operational sense to do so. Our approach to ensuring the sustainability of your IT infrastructure to help your practice grow and thrive includes these services:


IT Strategy

Deploying information technology isn’t a one-and-done event. It’s an ongoing process that requires insight, foresight and careful planning to ensure you see a return on this major investment. We help you evaluate the best IT solutions, including cloud-based operations, to help you leverage the advantages of modern technology, including enhanced access to information, reliable security, and improved productivity and profitability.


IT Roadmap

Our strategic guidance culminates in a document we call your IT Roadmap, a detailed technology plan that charts a course for your practice to get from here to where you want to go. It covers such topics as IT maintenance, upgrades and budgeting, so you have a clear picture of where you’re going and what it takes to get there. It’s a dynamic document that we revisit periodically to make sure you stay on course.


Technology lifecycle planning

While we aim to optimize your IT assets for as long as possible so you see the greatest return on investment, there inevitably comes a time when upgraded technology is necessary for productivity and security. We carefully evaluate your IT infrastructure lifecycle so you know in advance when it’s time to shift resources—and there are no unanticipated hits to the budget. We’ll also provide guidance on environmentally responsible disposal of outdated IT assets.


Cloud computing

Cloud computing is arguably the biggest IT development affecting businesses of all types today and it has tremendous implications for the future. We’re helping a growing number of savvy veterinary practices migrate their data storage and applications to the cloud. As a result, they’re seeing immediate benefits including cost savings, improved security, more flexibility, easier scalability when usage spikes, and environmental sustainability—since hosting on the cloud is more ecologically friendly and reduces their carbon footprint.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

To learn more about cloud computing and how it can help your practice today and going forward, please contact us today.

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